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Department of Social Work and NSS


All students of St. Xavier's College are expected to complete 30 hours of social service (One Non-Academic Credit) either from college or from outside. Those who wish to complete from outside are requested to take prior permission from their respective VPs. The college provides a number of opportunities for social work throughout the year. Students are encouraged to use every opportunity within their first four semesters.

The dept. of social work & National Service Scheme (NSS) is situated on the ground floor of the main building, near the college canteen. The office timings are from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Monday to Saturday. Students who wish to become part of the dept. are supposed to collect the membership form from the office. After submitting the form, a student becomes eligible to participate in all the activities of the dept. Activities are held before and after class hours, during lunch break and on Sundays. Students are advised to read the dept. notice board regularly.

The dept. provides an opportunity to students to become part of the selected NSS Board which has a one year term from February to January every year. A Board member can accumulate all 6 non academic credits within one year provided she/he completes the full term successfully. Members for the board are selected on the basis of their commitment to social service, their genuine concern for the underprivileged, their regular participation and their readiness to accept any challenge that may come on the way.

A generous heart, a creative mind and a sensitive conscience is what we require from those who want to make a difference in the lives of others. The outcome is, while making a difference in other's lives, they make a difference in their own lives. Here's the chance to make that difference! Go for it! Feel free to walk in to the office for any query or clarification. You may contact the Director Ms. Cheryl Francis or the NSS Board Members to help you.


NSS Board Members for 2015-16
1. Md. Shakir B.COM (M) President
2. Ankura Dhawani B.COM (E) Secretary
Working Committee Members
1. Ritesh Kar B.COM (M)  
2. Lawrence R. Midde B.COM (M)  
3. Shrishti Pandey SOCA  
4. Priya Gorain ENGA  
5. Bhumika Shah PLSA  
6. Anna Mary Varghese PLSA  
1. Sandip Ram B. COM (M)  
2. Alvin Roetgen CMSA  
3. Snehaa Roy ECOA  
4. AnnuKumari Sharma B. COM (E)  


NSS group works on 220 meters long and 6 feet wide road at the Raghabpur campus 



Prayas continues...  St. Xavier's enters Hugalkuria

One more village, Hugalkuria situated in South 24 Parghanas, has become the 10th Village to join the list of villages adopted under Prayas. On 11th October about 35 students from St. Lawrence campus had an orientation visit to Hugalkuria which was organized by the Department of Social Work and NSS. The students conducted drawing competitions, games, quiz etc. for the almost 100 children. St. Lawrence campus students will be visiting this village from January 2016 on a regular basis to help high School students with English and Mathematics.



The primary objective of our Department is to reach out to the underprivileged and marginalized sections of our society and bring about the desired change. The motto of NSS "Not Me but You" enhances the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for selfless service in society.

The year 2014 -15 stands testimony to the hard work that was put in by the students of this college. Indeed, the dedication of the entire student community has led to the outstanding culmination of Project Prayas in the form of the rural campus of St. Xavier's College at Raghabpur. Our students have undertaken a host of other activities, ranging from Prayas camp in June, the annual Blood Donation Camp in August, a series of street plays on cogent social issues in September, a rural work camp at Shalpukur in Decemberand Shishu Mela in February. All this and more will surely keep you engaged as your join us in our journey.

5th August, 2014

Socio-cultural barriers were broken down when 770 Xaverians came together to donate blood at the blood donation camp organized on 5th August by the Department. The 45-year old tradition was carried forward with 86 dedicated volunteers, including the effective Board Members. The event asserted the truth of the universal colour of humanity.

17th August

The Department in yet another attempt to carry forward its College to Village pedagogy, held this year's Independence Day Celebration at Nurshidarchowk and Debipur Village to mark the 68th year of emancipation on 17th August, 2014. With around 25 volunteers in each village, the NSS team welcomed around 60 children at the village centres. The event was marked by an enthusiastic participation of children in contests like sit-and-draw and essay writing, followed by a cultural programme and prize distribution. With the National Anthem, the event ended filling everyone with a patriotic fervor.

16th to 18th September

The campus of Xavier's boomed with exuberance when the Department organized street plays from 16th-22nd September which revolved around topics of child abuse, child labour and emancipation of women. A total of five teams displayed their skill in delivering this message to the crowd.

21st September

The Sunday visit on this day marked a departure from the usual weekly Sunday visits. It was a day when the village children were evaluated by a surprise, unannounced examination. However, the most striking aspect of the visit was the door to doorsurvey carried out by the volunteers to gather the opinion of the parents on the education of their children and the difficulties they faced to a smooth and standard lifestyle. The day turned out to be satisfactory for both the parents and the children and hence was a reward for NSS volunteers in itself. 

Regular events

The Green Clean neighborhood project continued from July to September with volunteers cleaning the canteen and the pavements outside the college. A total of 278 volunteers participated in the project.

The Sunday Literacy and Education Project continued in July, August and September in Debipur, Paikhala, Nurshidarchowk and Raghabpur. A total of 210 volunteers participated in July, 342 volunteers participated in August and 250 volunteers participated in September in all the villages. In the last three months about 250 students benefited from the initiatives.

The ADDA Sessions, which comprised of informal group discussions on various social issues, were conducted on various topics ranging from Women empowerment to a debate on sex education as well as active euthanasia in the green benches throughout the semester. A total of 60 volunteers participated in the adda sessions which concluded with meaningful inferences. These sessions also led to fruitful follow-ups in the form of opinion polls, which brought forward the Gen Y's view on these burning issues.

18th and 19th December, 2014

The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI) in association with the Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management (IISWBM), Kolkata, organized a two-day seminar, in the IISWBM campus. Ten volunteers from St. Xavier's College, Kolkata, attended the informative session that focused on creating awareness on issues of safe water accessibility and sustainability.

21st December

About 10 NSS volunteers visited the Shalpukurcentre, where they joined the children in celebrating the joy of Christmas. The event also marked the completion of 7 years of the Shalpukurcentre. Cultural events and skits organized by the children of the centre were staged for the visiting volunteers.

26th to 29th December

The 'Winter Camp 2014', the annual NSS, college-to-village work camp was held in Shalpukur. The camp saw 45 students of the college braving the chilly winters and working progressively towards the camp objective of constructing a 250 meter brick laden road for the village. The campers were also actively engaged in interactive sessions with challenging mind games and other cultural events. The completed road was inaugurated by our PrincipalRev. Fr. Felix Raj, SJ, in the presence of the village head and the village people.

12th January, 2015

Fourteen NSS volunteers participated in the rally organized by Calcutta University on the occasion of the 152nd birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. The rally commenced from the CU campus at 2pm and ended in front of the beautifully decorated home of Swami Vivekananda. Mr. Manmath Ranjan Biswas, a senior CU assistant, gave an inspiring speech on Swamiji's life and ideals.

1st February, 2015

The major annual event of NSS, ShishuMela, was attended by around 800 children in the age group of 6 to 14 years, from 16 different NGOs and schools. The event commenced with its inauguration by the Women and Child Welfare Minister of State, Dr. SashiPanja and Father Principal. Nineteen stalls were put up by different departments of our college, decorated beautifully and entertaining the kids with wide varieties of games and enthralling them with prizes. The event ended in the evening with the distribution of 'goodie bags' and snacks to the children.

13 February, 2015

The new NSS Board for the session 2015-2016 was declared in a solemn function graced by Father Principalwho declared the new Board for 2015 -16. Father addressed and congratulated the NSS team for keeping the spirit of service alive in the campus.

22nd February, 2015

Sixty NSS volunteers set out to three different villages, Paikhala, Nurshidarchowk and Shalpukur to spread awareness on Polio and Polio Vaccination. Surveys to analyze the awareness of Polio and the outreach of Pulse Polio Immunization campaigns in the villages were organized. Some of the enthusiastic volunteers also staged street plays in various locations in the villages.

SUNDAY VISITS : Regular Sunday visits continued throughout the month. About 155 volunteers went to Devipur, Nurshikdarchowk, Shalpukur, Paikhal and Premdan in the month.

1st March, 2015

Women's day was celebrated in Paikhala by the NSS with 20 student volunteers. By entertaining the women folk of the village with cultural dances and group songs organized by our students, they were actively engaged with various sporting events too. Prizes were distributed to the winners of these events. Mothers of students with noteworthy academic performance were also honored with awards. Refreshments were distributed to all women as a gratitude for their time and participation.

15th March, 2015

Sports day was celebrated at Paikhala. The event was organized efficiently by 32 second year students of Microbiology. The outdoor events of the day included flat races and marble-spoon races, while the indoor events included drawing completion and passing the parcel competition for the students. Prizes were distributed to the winners of the competitions. Special prizes were also given to meritorious students of each class.

GREEN CLEANl NEIGHBOURHOOD CAMPAIGN : An hourly session of campus cleaning was done thrice a week (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays). About 200 volunteers participated in this campaign in the last three months.

SUNDAY VISITS : Regular Sunday visits continued to be held throughout the month. About 165 volunteers went to Devipur, Nurshikdarchowk, Shalpukur, Paikhala and Premdan in the month.

5th June

About 6 NSS volunteers attended a seminar organised by the NSS and the Environmental Science Department of Calcutta University on the occasion of World Environment Day. With the motto 'Let's make the Earth green', the seminar covered topics of environmental concerns like energy conservation, ozone layer depletion, deforestation and pollution reduction.

19th - 22nd June

"AshimAakasheAgonoKiron..." was the theme for this year's Prayas (Village to College) camp held at the St. Xavier's College (Park Street) campus. The college hosted about 60 rural students of standard 11 and 12 of the Raghabpur St. Paul's Higher Secondary School. The camp was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Felix Raj, SJ, Principal of the College.
Inspired by the success of Prayas and to replicate its success in their own College, four student representatives from St. Xavier's College, Patna, along with their Vice Principal Fr. SushilBilung, SJ were present to witness this exchange of knowledge and culture.

The campers had a variety of experience during their short stay in Xavier's. Ranging from campus tour, visiting Mother Teresa's Tomb, and visiting the historical sites of Kolkata and the Science City to attending English sessions conducted by College students. They were also treated to the movie "English Vinglish."

We thank our Principal for being the main source of inspiration behind all our outreach efforts. We wish to extend our gratitude to all the Vice Principals and faculty members for sowing the seeds of service into the students in the classrooms. We congratulate our students led by the NSS Board Members for their tireless efforts and efficient coordination throughout the year.

Cheryl Francis
Director of Social Work & NSS

July, 2015

19th to 22nd June 2015 : Prayas Camp

July, 2013

ADDA SESSIONS : The adda sessions, an innovation of the department this year, served as an orientation programme for the freshers'. Four adda sessions were held and the topics were as follows: "From blessings to housework: the elderly are but unacknowledged staff" and "Government School Meals: Nutrition or Poison." The sessions were geared towards provoking the students into deep thought over social issues as well as enabling them to utilize their discussion as groundwork for a follow-up on the problem that they were discussing. About 40 volunteers participated in these sessions. Regarding the first topic

GREEN CLEAN NEIGHBOURHOOD CAMPAIGN : An hourly session of campus cleaning was done twice a week (Mondays and Wednesdays) wherein, the volunteers endeavoured to keep the campus and its neighbouring areas clean. 5 sessions were organized involving 60 volunteers.

PREMDAN : Premdan, a home for the destitute was the only institution where Sunday visits were held for the month of July. All the four Sundays saw the participation of 80 volunteers.


6th August, 2013

BLOOD DONATION CAMP : The biggest event of the NSS calendar was a huge success and a testimony to its bright legacy over the years with a donor count of 705. There were around 80 volunteers from various departments of the college,divided into different committees ofSecurity,Food,Registration, Certificate, Doctors' Assistants and Tender, Love and Care (TLC) for the purpose of better management of the camp. The camp comprised 8 blood banks, of which six were government controlled blood banks under the helm of AVBD and two were private blood banks-Mission of MercyandHaemophilia.

The adda sessions continued in full force and one session, entirely conducted by the B.Com (M) students, was held on 24th with 12 participants. The topic: 'Transgender and their marginalization.' GREEN CLEAN NEIGHBOURHOOD CAMPAIGN: An hourly session of campus cleaning was done twice a week (Mondays and Wednesdays). Six sessions were conducted with about 50 participating volunteers. SUNDAY VISITS: Regular Sunday visits were held throughout the month. About 230 volunteers went to Raghabpur, Devipur, Nurshikdarchowk, Shalpukur and Paikhala. Premdan had 55 volunteers. About 90 students were involved in the Sunday village visits and 75 students were involved in the Green Clean September, 2013 GREEN

An hourly session of campus cleaning was done twice a week (Mondays and Wednesdays). Six sessions were conducted with about 50 participating volunteers. SUNDAY VISITS: Regular Sunday visits were held throughout the month. About 230 volunteers went to Raghabpur, Devipur, Nurshikdarchowk, Shalpukur and Paikhala. Premdan had 55 volunteers.


September, 2013

About 90 students were involved in the Sunday village visits and 75 students were involved in the Green Clean Neighbourhood programme. On 29th about 32 students visited the Calcutta Blind School and organized a two hour programme for 75 inmates. The visually challenged children surprised the students with their positive attitude and cheerful disposition. The objective of the visit was to build a long term working relationship with the children.


October, 2013

On 1st a group of 20 volunteers visited the boarders at Our Lady of Providence Convent school and spent two hours interacting with the girls from 5th to 12th standard. The primary objective was to motivate the boarders most of who belonged to very poor and broken families. The two hours was extremely fruitful as the girls discovered their role models and the college students left as more responsible persons. On 2nd, a group of 35 volunteers including some SXCSU members went to Devipur to spend a day with the village children andc visited some of the neighbouring houses. 17th - 23rd the annual Puja Camp was held at Kearchand in West Midnapore with about 50 volunteers. The volunteers helped to clean and clear a govt. hospital and two govt. schools. They also made a pathway in a village for the benefit of the village community.


December, 2013

From 22nd to 26th two NSS volunteers of assessing the damage done by Cyclone Phailin to the houses of 12 nonteaching staff members working in the college who hail from Odisha. Manish Agarwall and Indrajit Das were assigned the task of performing a survey of these houses and present a report of the same to Fr. Principal. From 28th to 30th ten NSS volunteers along with Prof. Koushik from B.Com evening attended the National Student's Assembly on the topic "Human Value Development Programme" which was organized by AIACHE and hosted by Bishop Heber College, Tiruchirrappalli, Tamil Nadu.


January, 2014

On 5th, NSS organised a day camp at St. Paul's School, Raghavpur for the students of Bolorampur, Go s h t oma t h , Devipur, Shalpukur and Nurshikdarchowk in celebration of the New Year and to motivate them further in their studies. About 25 volunteers and about 300 children enjoyed the funfilled activity camp which was inaugurated by Fr.Felix Raj, SJ and Fr. Joseph Raj, SJ. In the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the Ghostomath extension centre, about 10 volunteers made their way to Ghostomath on the 12th. The children and teachers from the centre hosted an exhibition of their finest works, including drawings, sculptures, handicrafts and even embroidered clothes, for all the volunteers and villagers to view. The program itself was very well prepared, ranging from Yoga and P.T. demonstrations, to dances, recitations, skits, and songs.


February, 2014

On 9th, Shishu Mela, 2014, for which Prof, Jnanaranjan Chakraborty was the chief guest, was held on the college grounds. Around 800 children from Debipur, Paikhala, Ghostomath, Bholakhali, Bolorampur, Nurshikdarchowk, Gurap, Shalpukur, Entally and Khidderpore Centres of Snegam, Calcutta Blind School, Oral School for the Deaf and Dumb, Asha Niketan, Nav Jeevan, St. Xavier's Evening School and Bodhona attended this grand event that marked the culmination of this NSS year. Furthermore, the cover of the departmental magazine, Kadam 2014, was released in the inaugural programme of Shishu Mela.


March, 2014

On 8th, about 30 NSS volunteers witnessed the ceremonial annual change of guard of the NSS student office bearers in the Mini-Auditorium. This event also witnessed the release of the department's annual magazine 'Kadam' by Rev. Fr. Felix Raj, SJ, Principal of the College. Sandip Ram from B. Com. (M) took over as the NSS president for 2014-15. On 9th about 60 volunteers celebrated women's day in Shalpukur and Paikhala. Each village had more than 50 women join in the programme which consisted of an interactive session addressing issues like "Marriage before eighteen.. WHY" Some of the women expressed their concern saying, 'I want my child to get married before eighteen, because I am scared about my girl going around with the wrong person, or something wrong happening to her.' With a few motivating words the volunteers concluded the session with games and snacks.


April, 2014

On 11th-12th April, a free eye checkup camp in collaboration with Titan Eye Care was held for the economically backward students and support staff of the college. About 10 NSS volunteers assisted the medical staff in organizing and conducting the camp in which 215 staff and students participated. The camp was a major success as many students who had been unable to afford clinic fees were able to get a diagnosis and power tested. About 10 deserving support staff received free spectacles from Titan Eye Care.


June, 2014

19th - 22nd - With the theme of "Aei Aakashe Amar Mukti", the 10th Prayas Camp saw 56 tribal and underprivileged students of classes 9, 11 and12 from Bholakhali village camping in the college for four days. Sessions were conducted on English grammar, communication skills and overall personality development which were effectively managed by 28 NSS volunteers. Apart from these sessions, campers were entertained with movies and documentaries and a tour around the City of Joy. The campers went back motivated to continue with their higher education making this village to college endeavour a success!