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Established in 1860 A. D.


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Thomas Joseph (Secretary)

A society is brought to life by the actions and interests of its Head and members present and actively involved. Then only does a society have a meaning. Similarly Hindi Literary Society or HLS, the oldest of all societies, breathes because of the commitment and respect we hold towards our National Language. The Cultural Aspect of Hindi is most significant of our Indian History and difficult to ignore. Hindi and its Culture dates back to the Centuries-Old Indian traditions and have kept it alive through our own desire to learn more and spread more.

Every year with the admission of students our society grows in strength with students coming from different schools becoming members of our society and sharing their views of our National Language and what they feel. Keeping these in mind we have held events like Poetry Recitation, Essay Writing, Debates, etc. in the past so that interactions between students can take place related to our Indian Culture. This year we have already conducted our Inter College Cultural Fest ‘VIVIDHA’ on 20th march, 2010 which not only helped in interaction with our own college students but also with students of other colleges and schools in Kolkata. We have also held other events as followed:

1. Poetry Recitation---------------13th August,2010
2. Essay Writing-------------------30th August,2010
3. Hindi Diwas---------------------17th September,2010

We inaugurated our HLS magazine ‘BAHURANG’ on the event of Hindi Diwas. We respect and welcome the growing interests of our members and hope to increase it further and try to live up to your expectations.


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