St. Xavier's College (Autonomous), 30 Mother Teresa Sarani Kolkata 700016 West Bengal, India

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Department of Mathematics (B.Sc.)

Prof. Sucharita Roy (SR), M.Sc.
Head of the Department

The Mathematics Department of St. Xavier’s College is proud to be the inheritors of a glorious heritage. The first name that comes to our mind is that of Rev. Fr. F. Goreux who was associated with the Department from 1940 to 1987.Fr.Goreux nurtured this Department from its infancy and adolescence to youthful independence. He had been a constant source of inspiration as well as the driving force behind this Department for nearly five decades. Generations of students and teachers have enjoyed the warmth of his loving care and benefited from the erudition of this apostle of Mathematics. Eminent mathematicians like Late Dr.S.Nag (Bhatnagar Awardee), Prof. A. Roy (I.S.I.), Dr. A. Bagchi (Pennsylvania Univ.), Dr. N. Basu (Cornell Univ.), Amarya Duta (I.S.I) Somesh Bagchi (I.S.I, Kolkata), Arup Mukherjee (Mont Clair University), Mahan Mitra (T.I.F.R) are among many students of whom we are proud of.

Student-Teacher Relationship:

The Department boasts of a healthy student teacher relationship, with teachers being always accessible to students, and students reciprocating the attention by spontaneous love and respect. This spirit is celebrated in the Annual College Sports Day and during Analytica, the two-day annual Departmental Seminar of the Department and in many other Departmental Programme.

Special Care:

The Mathematics Department has a good, sympathetic and supportive faculty, who are accessible to the students anytime during the college working hours. Outside college working hours, students can contact teachers on phone and e-mail. The department works in tandem, with mutual respect and fellow feeling, to generate an atmosphere conducive to higher learning. Care is taken to collect personal data by talking to each student individually so that individual attention can be paid depending on the requirement (economically/academically). Special attention is paid to weak students from under-privileged background.

Student Counseling:

For each of First,Second and Third year Honours students, separate teachers are assigned as student counsellors. A continuous counselling of students on academics, career and personal related matters is done on the basis of data collected from

  • Student’s performance in earlier Term-End Examinations
  • Class response, performance in class tests and Mid-Term tests
  • Group discussions and student seminar.

Senior teachers are available for counselling on personal problems if the need arises.

Innovative Methods of Teaching :

  • Use of Audio-Visual aids
  • Seminar by the students during Analytica and during regular course of study
  • Interactive Lecture sessions with eminent scholars
  • Sharing of study material with students at the beginning of semesters

Good Record of Performance of our students :

  • A number of our students have been admitted to integrated Ph.D., M.Sc., M.C.A. programmes of premiere institutes like TIFR, Inst.Mat.Science,CMI, I.I.T. s, I.S.I., I.I.Sc. , IISERs and Central Universities etc.
  • Every year students are selected to attend MTTS Programme sponsored by N.B.H.M.
  • Some students have been selected to study at Ecole Polytechnique, France and in different foreign universities.
  • Some students get admission into IIMs’

Computer Facility:

The Department has its own computer with uninterrupted Internet facility.

Modularization of Honours and Ancillary Syllabus :

The Department has modularized Mathematics Honours and Ancillary Course syllabii. This helps to maintain a uniform standard of teaching in the different sections of the ancillary mathematicsclass.

Research Activity:

In spite of their heavy schedule of teaching and other duties in the college under autonomous system most of the faculty members are engaged in research work, as evidenced by good publications of books and articles, attendance at conferences and seminars in India/abroad.

Organisation of Conference

Key focus areas/Programs : Mathematical Seminar, Lectures by eminent personalities

  1. The organizer details: St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Kolkata; Department of Mathematics.
  2. Event details: Annual Mathematical Seminar
  3. The dates of the event: 21th & 22nd September, 2015
  4. Venue: St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Kolkata, Main Auditorium
  5. Type of audience: Teachers and Students (under graduates & post graduates) of Mathematics & Science Streams of St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata and neighbouring Colleges.
  6. List of lecturers :
    1. Prof. Ritabrata Munshi TIFR(On Lien) ; ISI (Kolkata)
    2. Prof. Kingshook Biswas (RKMVU)
    3. Prof. Amartya Dutta ISI (Kolkata)
    4. Prof. Arnab Chakraborty ISI (Kolkata)
    5. Dr. Sagnik Sen ISI (Kolkata)
  7. Approximate number of participants: 350 students (including students from St.Xavier’s & outside colleges)
  8. List of events:
    1. Total 6 lectures (3 on each day)
    2. Students Paper presentations
    3. Quiz
    4. Wiz
    5. Chess competition (conducted by Gorky Sadan)

Madhava Competition:

Department of Mathematics, St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Kolkata organizes activities related to national level prestigious Madhava Mathematics Competition for West Bengal in every year. In 2015 we have conducted the national level Madhava Examination in our college on 13th December, 2015. We have conducted the prize distribution ceremony on 27th May, and on this occasion Prof. Amiya Mukherjee has delivered a stimulating lecture on Topology and Geometry. We also have organized the Madhava Camp during 29th October to 6th November, 2015 where the participants were selected on the basis of performance in Madhava Examination. Prof. Raja Shridharan, TIFR , Prof. Sholapurkar, S.P college, Pune , Prof. Amiya MUkherjee, ISI Kolkata and many other eminent mathematicians have delivered lectures on this occasion. Md. Rabiul Islam is the regional coordinator of Madhava Mathematics Competition.

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