The Bengali Literary Society of St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata (Autonomous) is primarily a cultural society that hosts various intra and inter college cultural events, the annual intra college event of this society being �Bodhon’ which means �to welcome’. This event signifies welcoming the freshman students to the society and college; and rightly so, this event takes place before the Durga puja thus signifying the welcome of Ma Durga. The flagship event of this cultural fest is a celebrity panel discussion on relevant topics. For BODHON 2018, a few celebrities who have participated in the celebrity panel discussion are: Anuttama Bandopadhyay, Kasturi Sen, Arna Seal, Manabi Bandopadhyay along with the performances by the eminent Bengali poet Pinaki Thakur and prominent Bengali song artist Srikanta Acharya.

The Bengali Literary Society of St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous) Kolkata in association with St. Xavier’s College (Kolkata) Alumni Association proudly organises SANYOG & XAVULLASH. SANYOG is an international torch light peace tour to commemorate International Mother Language Day. The students from the Bengali Literary Society have joined hands with the alumni for this noble cause.

The primary objective of the society and also the above mentioned event is to revive the lost glory of our very rich mother language among the youth as well as the celebration of the rich heritage of the Bengali language.

The torch light flame which signifies worldwide fraternity and cultural bond began its holy journey from St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous) Kolkata. It travelled overseas to Dubai and was carried by students of our society, the next stop after that was Bangalore. The Students of the society were sent as cultural representatives to represent Bengali culture through various performances at all the institutes where the torch was carried to. The final stop was at the Dhaka University. Then finally, a mass rally comprising of students from St. Xavier’s College along with the professors and alumni walked with the torch light from Bangladesh to the front gate of the college where Rev. Dr. Dominic Savio received the torch along with other dignitaries. This ended SANYOG whereby, the opening ceremony of XAVULLASH commenced which is an International Inter- college cultural fest where students from colleges all across Kolkata and also Dhaka University come to participate.

The inherent flavour of this fest is celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Bengali language. The interaction between students from all across the globe gives true meaning to the objective of the event “Worldwide Fraternity and Friendship”. A flagship event of XAVULLASH held on the second day of the fest is “Dashabhuja Bangalee” where 10 eminent Bengalis from 10 different fields were felicitated like Mr. Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Mamata Shankar, Indrani Sen, Dip Dasgupto, Prasenjit Chatterjee, Meer etc. To refresh the students and also lighten up their mood, the eminent artists in the field of Bengali music and prominent Bengali bands performed namely Anjan Dutta, Mahin o Bondhura and Dohar.

Various events in which students from St. Xavier’s College and other colleges participated were: creative writing, debate, quiz, group dance, group song, drama, treasure hunt and more. The time has come to embrace the rich cultural history of our Mother Language and hold on to our roots. The goal is to foster the significance of the heritage and spread it among the youth.