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Educational Multimedia Research Centre (EMMRC)



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The centre continued to flourish as an active stakeholder of Digital India’ project committed to the evolution of India’s Knowledge Society’. It contributed educational contents for multiple platforms-video, interactive multimedia, and educational web-portals.


Between July 2017 and June 2018, the centre submitted 269 video programmes, mainly syllabus-based, to CEC. However, a few of these were of enrichment type.


The centre also completed e-content development under Phase II of NME-ICT in September 2017, with submission of a total of 844 e-content modules on Political Science, Film Studies, Mass Communication Video Production and Rabindrasangeet to CEC.

Thereafter, it focussed on the development and dissemination of MOOC courses compatible with the new CBCS structure introduced by University Grants Commission.


Five MOOC courses were disseminated via SWAYAM web-portal of MHRD during JULY-DECEMBER 2017 semester cycle. These were “Making of Modern India” [History-2nd running] and “Penning for Frames” [Mass Communication-2nd running], “Introductory Microbiology”, “Biochemistry”, “Bacteriology and Virology”. Three more MOOC were disseminated during JANUARY-JUNE 2018 semester cycle. These were “Microbial Genetics”, “Environmental Microbiology”, and “Medical Microbiology”. The last six courses have been developed by the faculty from the Department of Microbiology of St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Kolkata.


Another fourteen courses have been developed and uploaded in the portal-four on Microbiology [“Advanced Microbiology”, “Molecular Biology”, “Microbial Cytology”, and “Industrial Microbiology”], two on History [“Making of Modern Europe-1” and “Making of Modern Europe-2”], four on Mass Communication [“Television Journalism”, “Radio Production”, “Communication Media and Society-1”, and “Communication Media and Society-2”] and four more on Film Studies [“Language of Cinema”, “Documentary”, “Major Film Movements”, and “Hindi Cinema”]. All these courses are for dissemination in the JULY-DECEMBER 2018 semester cycle.


In-house research projects aimed at making communication process fruitful and useful for students, who will want to learn through MOOC. Four workshops were also organized to elaborate on the faculty’s role in the development of MOOCs. The centre is also advocating creation of SWAYAM Local Chapters in institutions of higher learning, including colleges and universities, for promotion of MOOC.


An academic seminar was organized by the centre on 30th May 2018, in which Dr.Dulali Nag, faculty of IISWBM, Kolkata, presented a paper titled “Management of Education through ICT: Problems and Prospect”.

EMRC Kolkata’s dream of operating from its own building finally materialised in September 2017. However, it has still not been able to operationalize its integrated HD facilities due to non-completion of infrastructural work, as the centre has been waiting for fund from UGC. However, every effort is being made to use eco-friendly materials for the infrastructure work, keeping in mind the degeneration of ecologies all over the world.


Dr. Jagat Bhushan Nadda, Professor from Institute of Management Studies, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, took over the reins of CEC in January 2018. In March 2018, he came on a review visit to EMRC Kolkata. He was shown around the centre’s newly installed facilities and apprised of the pros and cons of operating from a location far from the heart of the city.

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