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Department of Film Studies (General)

Prof. Ipsita Barat M.A. in Mass Communication
Head of the Department

Film Studies department started simultaneously with the Mass Communication & Videography department in the year 1996. Since then, scores of our students have joined different production houses, print media offices, or have undertaken free-lance activities as film critics, researchers, etc. Some have gone in academics, completing their MA and subsequently Ph.D work or have joined filmmaking institutes like the FTII, SRFTI, etc.


The department has regularly organized seminars and workshops such as Imago and Cinematheque in collaboration with the Mass Communication and Videography department of the St. Xaviers College. The department whole-heartedly encourages students to take part in other national film competitions as well. The various prizes they have won in such competitions are too numerous to be recounted here.

Course Objective:

  1. It aims to make the study of cinema interesting by making the students study similarities and differences between various film movements on the one hand and the classical Hollywood cinema on the other. This approach through popular cinema is a sure draw for the students to get interested in the course.
  2. It helps students to become critical viewers of films today both from a personal and a social point of view. Through personal analysis of films, the students rediscover themselves by understanding their own state of awareness and emotions better. From a social point of view, rather than adopting a chronological approach, the syllabus emphasizes those schools and styles of cinema, including those of the national cinemas that have significantly contributed to the evolution of world cinema. Through this process, the students not only learn about different cinemas better but also gain significant knowledge of societies at home and abroad.
  3. The students study Indian cinema through its similarities and differences with Indian and Western traditions of art and culture. This helps the students to grasp and differentiate between the nature of ideology and social imaginary occurring in Indian cinema and the foreign films.
  4. Since films cannot be studied apart from the technology used to produce them, the students are required to do practical hands-on exercises in each semester.
  5. The students study cinema through watching an open-ended list of movies in order to incorporate significant developments occurring in the world cinema today. This helps us to reach out to the new generation of students joining the course.

Research Work

Prof. Ipsita Barat is currently registered as a Ph.D. scholar at the Dept. of Film Studies, Jadavpur University.

Prof. Shenjuti Dutta is currently registered as a Ph.D. scholar at the Dept. of Women’s Studies, Jadavpur University.

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