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Leadership Training Service

What Is LTS:

Leadership Training Service (L.T.S) is a 55 year old youth movement, mainly for students in schools and colleges. Initiated in 1959 by five students of Goethals Memorial School, Kurseong, the Movement now provides leadership training to student leaders in three South Asian countries – India, Nepal and Bangladesh.


With its Motto “For God and the World”, LTS joins hands with numerous educational institutions who share the same vision and trains interested students to develop their personality and leadership skills along with other ‘soft-skills’ to mould them as responsible leaders and committed citizens.


The two aspects LTS stresses in its training modules can be found in the very name itself- ‘Leadership Training’ and ‘Service.’ The vision of LTS is achieved through its four-fold objectives, which begins with Personality Development and gradually evolves into Social Development!

LTS at St Xavier's College

The LTSers of St Xavier’s College have been active members in the LTS activities since its inception at1961.


The students of the college form Communities and Forums, therebystreamlining their career keeping in mind the LTS ideals – ‘Learn Earn and Return’. They actively organize and participatein a variety ofLTS activities that aid in acquiring the soft skills that are so necessary in their day-to-day interaction with seniors, colleagues, and juniors in one’s work arena. These are:


March: World Women’s Day Celebrations


April: Earth Day Celebrations [Awareness Programme]


June: Dia Verde LTS World Environment Day Celebration


July: Leadership Conclave [LTS Sangam 2014] Back to Green [LTS Forest Week Celebrations]


August: Confluence [Young Adults Independence Day Celebrations]


October: One World One People- LTS National Leadership TrainingCamp [NLTC]


December: Ignite – Touching Lives [LTS Winter Carnival]


Other on-going programmes:

Apart from the monthly programmes, the LTSersorganize and participate in all regular activities of the LTS family.Spreading wings, aninteractive session with foreign students helps us in developing networking skills. The LTS Library Project where books are donated to village schools, Wheel Chair, Triwheeler Distribution, Solar Lamp, Blanket Making and Sewing Machine Projects help us to respond to the pressing needs enabling us toward actualizing the Xaverian goal of becoming Men and Women for Others. (This is known as the One India One people Interactive session between village and city students.) Other than this, programmes like Leadership Training Camp [LTC], Orientation Programmes, Panel Discussions, Public Speaking Events, and Evaluation Sessions empowerusandbuild in us self-confidence, multidirectional thinking, organizational skills, crisis and tress management. The LTS training instill in us the’three-tier leadership style’ where we are trained to workabove, with and under others. Values like time management and concern for our environment are integral to every event – thereby making these imperative qualities an inherent trait in every LTSer.


The LTS as a Movement is committed to building a developed nation [India 2020] and a better world;and each of its projects are geared to this end, incorporating the various time-tested principles, four leadership domains [head, heart, hands and habits] and other soft skills. Thethree vital Principles, ‘Learn’, ‘Earn’ and ‘Return’ are realized through the on-going training each individual undergoes while involved in the activities specifically tailored to achieve these. This enables the LTSer to ‘Earn’ a good name, respect, love, support, admiration and multiple other elements from her peers and contemporaries alike- enablingher to spread herpositive influence to furtherspheres. This, subsequently results in ‘Returning’ to society in a way that creates a new generation of leaders who can perpetuate the Movement, thereby helping to heal our broken world.


In today’s rat race, with everyone scrambling over each other’s heads to get to the top, the LTS not only serves as a sanctuary from the daily hubbub for a while; but also functions as the developing ground that enables each one of us to walk an extra mile so asto become confident, capable, and spiritual individuals in whose hands the country and world is safe.

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