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Refund Notice

Date: 04 June, 2019

Cancellation of Admission and Refund



  • Fee refund policy will be as per the U.G.C. notification published in October 2018. However, no fee will be refunded when cancellation of admission is due to concealment/falsification of facts, submission of false/fake marksheet(s) and certificates(s), providing misleading information by the student or for any error/mistake on the part of the student.
  • In case of inter-departmental transfers, a processing fee of Rs.3,000/- will be deducted.



  1. A candidate who decides to cancel or withdraw his/her admission will have to be present, IN PERSON, at the office of the Vice Principal of the respective departments.
  2. The candidate must produce the following for cancellation/withdrawal of admission:
    • An application seeking cancellation of admission addressed to the Vice Principal
    • Original mark sheet for recording cancellation
    • Original fee deposit slip
    • Identity card
    • Cyber card
  3. After completion of all the necessary formalities the candidate is thereafter required to fill up the ONLINE MANDATE FORM FOR REFUND against admission cancellation.
  4. Refund will be credited after deduction, as per the rules of the college as given above.
  5. The EFFECTIVE DATE for the purpose of cancellation and refund will be the date on which all such formalities are completed and recorded in person, along with the stamp of cancellation  on the reverse of the mark sheet of the candidate and NOT THE DATE OF ONLINE MANDATE SUBMISSION.
  6. Refund of fees shall be made within 15 days as per the effective date as mentioned in point number 5.
  7. In case any violation of the admission rules the decision of the Principal will be final.

Rev. Dr. Dominic Savio, S.J.