St. Xavier's College (Autonomous), 30 Mother Teresa Sarani Kolkata 700016 West Bengal, India

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SXC Syllabus

M.Sc. Physics

Department: M.Sc. PHYSICS (with effect from 2021-22)

Paper Details Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4
Paper Code & Paper Title MPHC 4101

Mathematical Physics I and Quantum Mechanics I


Mathematical Physics—II and Quantum Mechanics-II


Solid State Physics and Atomic and Molecular Physics


Astroparticle Physics (Special): MPHC4401 Introduction to Astrophysics and Cosmology / Condensed Matter Physics (Special): MPHC4402

Basics of Condensed Matter Physics

Paper Code & Paper Title MPHC4112

Classical Mechanics I and

Non Linear Dynamics

MPHC 4202

Classical Electrodynamics and

Classical Mechanics II


Nuclear and Particle Physics and Advanced lab I


Astroparticle Physics (Special): MPHC4403

Galaxies and Particle Astrophysics/ Condensed Matter Physics (Special): MPHC4404

Advanced and Soft Condensed Matter

Paper Code & Paper Title MPHC4103

Electronics and Statistical Mechanics I

MPHC 4203

Statistical Mechanics II and

Relativity & Relativistic Electrodynamics




Interdisciplinary: Physics of Soft Matter


Relativistic Quantum Mechanics


Astroparticle Physics (Special): MPHC4453

Observational and Computational Astrophysics Lab/ Condensed Matter Physics (Special): MPHC4454

Condensed Matter Physics Lab and Computational Condensed Matter Physics

Paper Code & Paper Title MPHC4151

Core Lab I and Computational Techniques

MPHC 4252

Core Lab-II (Non-Electronics) and Computational Physics


Elective (AP: General Theory of Relativity:


Elective CP Crystallography (Group Theoretical and Structural Aspects) ) and Advanced lab II



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