St. Xavier's College (Autonomous), 30 Mother Teresa Sarani Kolkata 700016 West Bengal, India

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The Remedial and Tutorial Committee


The objectives of the remedial and tutorial committee are as follows:

  1. To motivate and help the academically weaker students to realize their weakness and help them to improve on their fronts.
  2. Improving academic skills of the students in various subjects.
  3. Raising their level of comprehension of basic subjects to provide a stronger for further academic work.
  4. Strengthens their knowledge skills and attitude in such subjects


In the course of teaching process during regular class lectures, slow learners and under achievers are identified. The head and the professor in charge of the departments keep a record of the academically poor students. The Vice-Principals and the Dean’s office regularly interact with the parents of the students. Remedial classes are organized on Saturdays to meet the needs of the weaker students. The HOD’s and the professor in charge of the department have been given the


responsibility of addressing the problems of the weaker students.


Answer scripts of the organized weekly test are shown to the students drawing their attention to the areas of knowledge deficiency, misconception and inability to express knowledge. This is done through to one to one talk outside the usual class hours.


The department of commerce arranges for summer course in math for the students without any math in their plus two course for the weaker students. Classes are held during the month of may in room no 6 and efficient professors in math and statistics tries their level best to make the students familiar with the basic concept of that subjects. A test is held after the completion of the course and the result of the test is published in the first week of June. In the course of teaching learning process during regular classes and counseling approaches are undertaken. Assignment and home work are given and responses are methodically followed up. The Vice Principals and the Dean keep track record of academically poor students and regularly interact with their parents and guardians.


The process of mentoring is initiated as soon as the newly admitted students settled a bit. The Chief Mentors allocate different Professors as Mentors for the respective 1st Semester and 3rd semester rooms. An interactive meeting is organized with the mentors, Deans and Vice Principals to discuss on the issue and streamline the objective as far as possible. The mentors then chart out their course of action. The mentoring forms are not given out to the students. Rather they are asked to meet the respective mentors. After their discussion, the form is filled by the student himself in front of the mentor. So the initial casual approach of the students in filling up the forms was done away with. The concept of remedial classes is mooted out. Students requesting such classes are selected from each of the ten rooms. They are then grouped into 3 groups and a comprehensive timetable is prepared for their remedial classes.


In the Arts & Science meeting of the remedial and tutorial committee it was unanimously resolved that the weak students of each departments be identified by the HOD and then follow up made by the teachers of the department as assigned by the HOD. A specific pattern of allotment of task has been drawn up, which is to be followed and maintained for record.


On trial basis students are identified –

  1. At least one from each class.
  2. A particular teacher allotted the responsibility
  3. The teacher looks into the academic, motivational and social adaptation pattern of the student.
  4. If needed, senior students on specific subjects (Honours and General) are appointed as tutors to help the weak students.
  5. Fortnightly record of progress and attendance is strictly maintained by the teacher concerned.
  6. Semester wise departmental assessment is submitted to the Vice Principal (Arts & Science) after the end of the Semester Examination.
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