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Xaverian Sociological Society(young Sociologist)

Pratik Bhakta (Secretary)



The Xaverian Theatrical Society that had begun its journey since 1931, is presently committed to refurbishing itself and strengthening the vigour and ethos of theatre through the sheer devotion and active participation of its members to promulgate the telling attributes of the art. Following is a brief account of the endeavors that have been dedicated towards the fulfilment of this ambitious pledge. This report includes a documented reference of the events initiated by the society through the academic year 2019- 2020.


Auditions 2019 (09.08.19 and 24.08.19)

The journey of theatre began with the fresh recruitments for the new academic year 2019-20. The auditions procedure was successfully convened at the R. K. Hall on the first day and at the Jubilee Hall on the second day of the auditions. After the auditions 163, new members were added to the existing society on their performance skills. The fields included acting, singing and playing instrumentals, dancing, scriptwriting, production design, graphic design, photography, corporate communication, and public relations.


A Street Play on “Say No to Substance Abuse” (23.09.19)

This street play in collaboration with NSS passed as the first event of the year. This was aimed at addressing the societal issue of substance abuse prevalent within the youth and was exhibited within the college grounds thrice during the span of the day.


The Third Bell (04.11.19)

Following the street play the next stride was towards stage plays. The Third Bell in collaboration with Xaverian Academy of Dance and Music (XADAM) staged a theatrical extravaganza featuring an anthology of ten short plays under “Take Ten”, “Nana Ronger Din” and a Panel Discussion on the pertinent issue of ‘Need of ethics for ensuring a safe space in theatre’ which was graced by eminent personalities like Anirban Bhattacharya, Tathagata Choudhury, Rwitobroto Mukherjee and Professor Ananda Lal.


XAVOTSAV (22.01.20, 23.01.20 and 24.01.20)

As the functional theatrical branch of the college, the members of XTS participated in the theatrical events of XAVOTSAV that included stage play, Ad Spoof, Street Play and Radio Drama. The members didn’t just participate but bagged the first prize for Stage Play, the second prize for Street Play and Character Representation and the first prize for Ad Spoof.


Auditions 2020 (19.12.20 and 20.12.20)

With the outbreak of the COVID19 Pandemic that brought the world to a standstill, also preventing the THEAXAV 2020 (the annual theatrical fest of the society), the activities of XTS had come to a pause which was later revived with the online auditions of 2020 over a Google Meet platform that recruited another fresh lot of 116 members that replaced the retiring batch.


Apart from the events hosted within the college premises the members of XTS have also manifested their theatrical calibre with their participation in several inter-college fests that brought in a host of laurels, upheaving the banner of the Xaverian Theatrical Society.





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